mattPriceAward-winning writer and producer Matthew Price was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has a degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Oklahoma, and was the features editor at The Oklahoman newspaper from 2009-2018, where he also wrote about comics and geek culture. He’s won awards for leisure reporting, film reviews, blogs and entertainment features while working as a journalist.

Matt and his wife, Annette, own the Eisner Award-nominated comic book store, Speeding Bullet Comics, in Norman, Oklahoma.

Matt is the co-writer and producer of the Oklahoma-made, indie superhero feature film, The Posthuman Project, directed by Kyle Roberts. This crowd-funded film, co-written with “Flash” TV writer Sterling Gates, celebrated a theatrical release and is currently available on DVD and VOD. More recently, Matt wrote the pilot film The Grave, based on his comic book character of the same name, that screened at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Matt also co-wrote the short films Paradox and The Bulleteers with Sean Thiessen;  Heroes of the Realm and Life, Upgraded with Thiessen and Jon Skelly; and Semi-Social and Overdue with Skelly, Songo Adoki and Chris Forbes.

In addition to his comic-book work on The Grave, Matt worked on the film tie-in comic The Blue Whale with Jessica Garvey;  the 90s-style adventure comic Team: Awesome! with Scott Sackett; and the sci-fi tale Agent Blue with Don Rosencrans.


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