‘The Grave’ set for deadCenter this weekend


Go back to the 1920s in Oklahoma City with the latest film from “The Posthuman Project” director Kyle Roberts.

Director Kyle Roberts, writer Matthew Price and actors Rett Terrell and Collin Place, who previously worked together on the 2014 deadCenter Best Oklahoma Film “The Posthuman Project,” are bringing their latest pilot back to the Oklahoma City festival.

The hard-hitting, comic book-inspired film is a pulp noir-style adventure set in the freewheeling Oklahoma City in the 1920s.  In 1920s Oklahoma City, a few men are above the law. Fortunately, crusading reporter Walter Crim stands up to those who would oppress the innocent. When Crim can’t achieve his aims through the press alone, he becomes the dark avenger known as ‘The Grave‘!

“‘The Grave’ is my latest superhero-styled film following up on the success of my film ‘The Posthuman Project,” Emmy-winning director Roberts said.  “While ‘Posthuman’ mashed up my love for teen film and superheroes, The Grave takes us back into the past, merging gangster films with pulp heroes in what we hope will be a new and innovative way.”

The film stars Terrell as Walter Crim/The Grave.  Terrell is known for his roles in “Army of Frankensteins,” “Vampires Suck” and as Bobby Mitchell in “My All American.”

“The Grave is so interesting to me because Crim has two very different sides to him,” Terrell said. “On one side he will always be a soldier, the other a hot shot journalist. Life constantly kicks his butt and after finding out about shady happenings he chooses to suffer the consequences and stand up against what’s wrong.”

Alissa Ford, another “Army of Frankensteins” alum, joins the cast as the seductive and insightful Alice, once the love of Crim’s life, but who now may find herself caught up in a dangerous situation — and Crim can’t be sure on what side her loyalties lie.

Place, who played younger brother Archie Burke in “The Posthuman Project” and also the devilish bad guy Todd DeVille in Roberts’ “The Bulleteers,” here plays Crim’s close friend Ross — or a close approximation of him.

“The mystery of who or what exactly Ross is was part of what drew me to this project,” Place said.

Stephen Bennett and Kato Buss return to again work with Roberts after working with him on the short film “Heroes of the Realm.”

The villainous Augustus Groom is played by Adam Hampton, also featured in this year’s deadCenter feature “The Jurassic Games.”

Producers for “The Grave” include Toni Marlo, Andrew Smith, Roberts and Price.

“‘The Grave’ is a story about a man pushed to his limits; who wants to do what’s right but finds himself blocked at every turn by those with more power and influence,” Price said.  “In an effort to stop those above the law from harming the innocent, he’s willing to take the law into his own hands — and bear the brunt of the consequences.”

The film was written by Price, based on his comic book originally illustrated by Hunter Huskey and Jerry Bennett.   Bennett has created murals, portraits and T-shirt designs for clients including Marvel, Lucasfilm and the Stan Lee Foundation.

Roberts’ previous film, “The Posthuman Project,” screened as part of the Independent Film Festival held in conjunction with Comic-Con International in San Diego. Among its accolades, it was named GeekFest Film Fest’s best feature at Long Beach Comic Expo 2015.

“The Grave” recently was honored with the Best Oklahoma Ensemble Award at the Twister Valley International Film Festival in Woodward, Oklahoma.

“The Grave” will screen twice at the upcoming deadCenter Film Festival in downtown Oklahoma City as part of the “Okie Mediums” block:

  • 2 p.m. Saturday, June 9 at MidFirst Bank Theater at Harkins Bricktown Cinema

  • 1 p.m. Sunday, June 10 at MidFirst Bank Theater at Harkins Bricktown Cinema

For more about “The Grave,” visit ra-pictures.com/thegrave or join the fan page at facebook.com/thegravefilm.


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