‘Life, Upgraded’ headed for NYC

Collin Place, left, and LaRonn Marzett in “Life, Upgraded.” [Reckless Abandonment]
“Life, Upgraded” is an official selection of the HBO and Cinemax sponsored Urban Action Showcase in Times Square this November.

The festival will feature the Oklahoma-made short film “Life, Upgraded” at 5:30 p.m. Saturday Nov. 9 at AMC Theatres in Times Square.

The Urban Action Showcase and Expo is a top-100 reviewed film festival by Film Freeway, and has been described as the premier all-action festival. The event celebrates diversity and honors the past, present and future multicultural achievements within the blockbuster action genre, including adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural content, among others.

The sci-fi romance “Life, Upgraded” was created as part of the 2019 48-hour film project in Oklahoma City and was directed by Kyle Roberts. It stars LaRonn Marzett, Raychelle Black, Josiah Overstreet, Neil Newby, Collin Place, Leah N.H. Philpott, and Rett Terrell.

Here’s the logline: A forbidden romance between an android and the daughter of the engineer who built him is tested when she is ordered to erase his memory, forcing the couple to choose between the life they were made for and the love they have found.

I was a writer on the film along with Sean Thiessen and Jon Skelly.

More information at www.urbanactionshowcase.com.

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