Speeding Bullet Comics to close for 3 weeks; mail order available

From the Speeding Bulletin update sent by Speeding Bullet Comics, Norman, OK:
It’s an unusual time, and things are changing quickly to help stop community spread of the coronavirus. (We’ve altered the deal — pray we don’t alter it further!)

Wednesday, March 25, will be the last day we are open to the public for the next three weeks, in order to comply with Stay at Home recommendations from the mayor and governor. Additionally, this Wednesday, March 25, will be the last week we — or any comic shop — will receive new releases from the larger publishers for the immediate future. 

But even though the showroom will be closed, we’ll still be selling comics!
Don’t worry about going stir crazy at home. We are happy to ship comics and other merchandise directly to you. (Did we mention we have THOUSANDS of graphic novels that you haven’t read yet?)
For the next three weeks, we will be offering flat $5 shipping, or free shipping with every purchase of $50 or more. To make shipping arrangements, call or email Dan at (405) 360-6866 or ricochetsales@aol.com. We accept PayPal and credit cards. Dan dutifully ships Mondays through Fridays.
We hope to reopen to the public April 15. Follow our social media or subscribe to our e-mail for updates.

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