Batman Day is Sept. 19

In 1939, Batman made his first appearance in “Detective Comics” #27! In 2020, 1000 issues later, DC celebrates with “Detective Comics” #1027, with an all-star lineup of creators including Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, Lee Bermejo, Jim Cheung, and many more! 

We will celebrate this and other great Batman comics on Saturday with Batman Day from noon-4 p.m. at Speeding Bullet Comics, 614 N. Porter Ave. in Norman. Get a free selected Batman comic while supplies last! Purchase this week’s mask of the week, featuring the Caped Crusader! And, add an all-star anniversary issue to your collection — 144 pages of comics for just $9.99! (We will still be requiring in-store mask wearing and limiting the total number of guests in the store for safety.)

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