Five things to look forward to in comics in 2023


From Friday, Jan. 13, 2023, editions of The Oklahoman

While it may be early to know what the new year will bring, several titles and initiatives have been announced by comic publishers in 2023. Here are five things to look forward to as ‘23 continues.  

Dawn of DC 

At the conclusion of the “Lazarus Planet” storyline at DC Comics, the publisher is set to launch 20 new titles as part of the “Dawn of DC.” Titles announced so far as part of the kick-off include “Hal Jordan: Green Lantern,” “Doom Patrol,” “Superboy” and “Shazam” are also set to be relaunched as part of “Dawn of DC,” which at this early stage is being compared to “The New 52” and “Rebirth” as a jumping-on point for the DC Universe. 

“After the near-Multiverse-ending events in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths and DC Universe: Lazarus Planet, the DC Universe will be heading toward the light,” said DC publisher and chief creative officer Jim Lee at “With brand-new series and story arcs from some of the top creative members in comics, Dawn of DC is one of our most ambitious initiatives ever and is a chance for us to tell bigger and bolder stories across our line.”

Get on board with a new “Superman” #1 shipping in February.  Joshua Williamson is the writer and Jamal Campbell is the artist. 

Fall of X 

Marvel’s “X-Men” celebrate 60 years in 2023, and the big storyline for the X-books coming later in the year is called “Fall of X.” The mutant titles are still continuing the large arc begun in 2019 with “Powers of X/House of X,” and this storyline, with details still under wraps, marks the next chapter.  

Frank Miller Presents

Noted creator Frank Miller (“The Dark Knight Returns”) launched his own publishing line in 2023, alongside former DC Comics publisher Dan Didio. The return of Miller’s “Sin City” and a team-up with horror-film host Svengoolie have both been announced as being in the works, with the latter officially earmarked for 2023 release. Existing titles from FMP, “Ronin Book II,” “Pandora” and “Ancient Enemies” continue into the new year.  

StarHenge Collected Edition

The visually stunning series “StarHenge” from Image Comics will be collected in book form in April, as a future Merlin travels to 5th-century Britain to prevent monstrous time-traveling killer robots from robbing the universe of magic. In the present era, Amber Weaver is drawn into a war across time. 

Star Trek: Day of Blood 

IDW’s first “Star Trek” summer crossover will bring together the casts of “Star Trek” and “Star Trek: Defiant” in “Day of Blood.” This storyline will kick off with a Free Comic Book Day special on May 6. The current “Star Trek” series features Sisko of “Deep Space Nine” fame leading a team of “Trek” officers from across time. In “Day of Blood,” the Klingon Starfleet officer Worf will have a falling-out with Sisko, leading him to steal the Defiant, a spaceship Worf previously commanded. 

Matthew Price,, has written about the comics industry for more than two decades. He is the co-owner of Speeding Bullet Comics in Norman.

“Superman” #1 (2023) from DC Comics. [DC Comics]

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