‘Heroes of the Realm’ headed for Santa Monica


‘Heroes of the Realm’ has been named an Official Selection at Artemis Women in Action Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA April 22-24.

About the festival: Artemis Motion Pictures announces the first ever film festival dedicated to honoring female driven action films, the men and women who pioneered them, those who contributed to the success of the genre, and the undiscovered talent of the future.

As one of the writers, I loved what Kate Le brought as the lead as Anya in “Heroes of the Realm”! She’ll be on hand at the festival later this month.

The official synopsis: In a world where magic reigns, one tyrant was the undisputed ruler. But when magic opens a portal to our world, it’s up to a pizza delivery woman to make the most important delivery of her life. Starring Kate Le, Stephen Goodman, Kato Buss and Alissa Ford.

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