I worked with director Ricky Pope earlier this year as one of the writers and producers for “Semi-Social,” a short film created for the OKC 48-hour film race.

“Semi-Social” was nominated for Best Sound Design, Best Editing and Best Cinematography in the OKC contest.

It was a lot of fun to rejoin with Jon Skelly, who I had worked with on “Heroes of the Realm,” in the writer’s room for this one, which also included Songo Kevin Adoki and Chris Forbes.

Our logline was as follows: A tech addicted teen attempting to attract the girl of his dreams gets help from an unexpected source.  We were inspired by films like “Back to the Future” and “Pretty in Pink,” as you can kind of see on our poster, shot by Nick Aufiero.

This was my first time working with most of our stars: Matthew Oakley, Bryson Smith, Kayleigh McDaniel, Todd Davenport and J. Dylan Law were all solid pros and I’d be glad to work with them again. This is the second time I’ve gotten to work with Raychelle McDonald — also on “HOTR” — and she continues to be great.

Really, just a lot of fun getting to collaborate with talented people, and with luck “Semi-Social” will screen at a festival or two so those who haven’t gotten a chance to see it can check it out.

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