‘The Grave’ named best short film at Oklahoma Film Fest

Rett Terrell as Walter Crim in “The Grave.” (Reckless Abandonment Pictures)

“The Grave,” directed by Kyle Roberts, was named best short film at the recent “Oklahoma Film Fest ’18.”

The festival was held Dec. 13-15 at three venues in Oklahoma City and was sponsored by the Oklahoma Film Society.


“The Grave” was written by Matthew L. Price and was based on the comic book character who first appeared in “Speeding Bullet Comics Presents.”

The hard-hitting, comic book-inspired film is a pulp noir-style adventure set in the freewheeling Oklahoma City in the 1920s.  In 1920s Oklahoma City, a few men are above the law. Fortunately, crusading reporter Walter Crim stands up to those who would oppress the innocent. When Crim can’t achieve his aims through the press alone, he becomes the dark avenger known as The Grave!

The most recent comic-book tale of The Grave appears in “Okie Comics” #4, available now at comic shops and other locations in the OKC metro.


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