‘Life, Upgraded’ created for 48-hour film contest; to screen in OKC


I had the opportunity to work on a 48-hour film for part of the Oklahoma City 48-hour film contest. 

The result is the sci-fi romance “Life, Upgraded.” The poster by Jonathan Koelsch can be seen above. The film is screening as part of group B at 6 pm Saturday, July 6, at Tower Theatre, 425 NW 23rd.

LoglineA forbidden romance between an android and the daughter of the engineer who built him is tested when she is ordered to erase his memory, forcing the couple to choose between the life they were made for and the love they have found.

This is my sixth 48-hour film overall; this time I was joined by Sean Thiessen and Jon Skelly in the writers’ room. I’ve worked with either Sean or Jon on all six 48-hour films I’ve been on. This was my first time back with Kyle William Roberts in the 48 since “The Bulleteers.”  Sean, Jon and I last wrote as a trio with “Heroes of the Realm.” 

Overall, it was a fantastic experience with a great cast and crew, some of which I’d worked with before, and some of which were new to me.

With luck, more screenings will be in the works in the future — it’d be great to hear feedback from anyone who checks it out.

-Matthew Price


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