Five years ago, ‘The Posthuman Project’ premiered in theaters

05Posthuman-lifeOn January 30, 2015, “The Posthuman Project” had its theatrical premiere in Oklahoma City, part of a three-city limited theatrical release that also included Dallas and Tulsa.

“The Posthuman Project” was directed by Kyle Roberts and written by Matthew Price (me) and Sterling Gates, who since the movie’s release wrote for the “Supergirl” TV show and became a staff writer and producer on “The Flash.”

The theatrical release followed the film’s premiere at the deadCenter film festival in 2014, where it was named best Oklahoma film. In May 2015, the film received a VOD release via Gravitas Ventures, and it still can be seen on many video-on-demand services.

This was one of the biggest projects I’ve ever been involved with, and five years on, I’m still proud of what this cast and crew accomplished from what started as a germ of an idea to pay homage to the teen superhero stories of my youth, filtered through my own experiences and ideas. Kyle, Sterling and a long list of cast and crew deserve credit for bringing the story to the screen. As with any project, there are mishaps and mistakes, and there are things I’m sure we’d do differently today. But I’m still proud that it happened. If you want to kill 90 minutes or so with what I think is a fun superhero adventure, give it a look.

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