Susanna Malak of Star Wars: The Mandalorian to visit Speeding Bullet Comics on Oct. 14

Speeding Bullet Comics is pleased to announce a “Star Wars” event that should excite fans of a galaxy far, far away!

This Friday, October 14, welcome Susanna Malak to Norman, Oklahoma’s Speeding Bullet Comics!
Susanna has been in Star Wars: The Mandalorian seasons 1 & 2, and also the Book of Boba Fett. She has played several creatures including Thodobin, Jawa, Binbot, and Hoogenz! Susanna will appear at Speeding Bullet from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Oct. 14!
Speeding Bullet Comics has been serving comic-book fans since 1998, and is located at 614 N. Porter Ave. in Norman, Oklahoma.

Susanna Malak will appear Oct. 14 at Speeding Bullet Comics

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